in the ivy

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shirt: J.Crew || Dress: Sewed by myself || Necklaces: J.Crew {old} || Bracelet: J.Crew {old} || Watch: MK || Sunnies: Target || Boots: Target || Purse: Louis Vuitton {vintage}

I sewed this dress last Christmas and I am just now getting around to wearing it!  The design is extremely simple because I really wanted to focus on the fabric--it's a tight sticht tweed loaded with different colors.  I actually have a lot of this fabric left over and would love to find time to make a skirt!


  1. I am so in love! THis is the perfect autumn look.

  2. Gorgeous look,love the dress

  3. Wow very impressive that you made that dress!

  4. I love this!! Super cute! :) I agree with Elissa...VERY impressive that you made this dress! :) I would love to have your sewing skills!


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