Workout Musts

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seeing that is is swimsuit season, I've started a workout routine to get me back into shape.  It's crazy what a little bit of sweat and exercise can do for the heart!  Here are a few of my exercise musts:
The Right Shoes..Duh! -- I am obsessed with this new Liquid Lime/Reflective Nike Free Run shoe.  I currently have the original Free Runs, but these are definitely going on the wish list and a definite must for all you runners out there.  They are the most comfortable running shoes hands down.  I prefer them over my Asics, which were 10x more expensive.

A Ballin Workout Playlist -- I seriously don't know what I would do without music while I exercise.  Having the right songs can either make or break my workout.  While I'm always down for hearing new music, my workout playlist mainly consists of the good oldies (rap, country, and some rock) that make me want to keep going when I'm tired.  Justin Beiber Pandora always works too :)

ENERGY! -- This is an absolute MUST!  Especially if you workout after a long work day or first thing in the morning, you might need a little energy kick to get your blood flowing.  If you haven't tried 5-hour energy,  I strongly suggest you do!  I keep a stash in my fridge and drink one right before my workout.  I get just enough energy for a good workout while being able to fall asleep at night.

Last, but not least.. Motivation -- I personally have to find motivators to keep me on my workout game whether it is for a beach trip, or I want to look great in a new outfit.  Whatever the case may be, its the main thing pushing me to reach my goal!  Frequently, I find pictures to keep me motivated like these on my Pinterest Board, Get Fit.  It always seems to help me get back on track if I am losing steam. 

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