Fall '12 Trends: style

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{She Finds: Forget Bold Colors, This Fall is All About Bold Collars}

{She Finds: Sweaters are going to get pretty graphic this fall}

{She Finds: Fall's dress code is black tie}

{She Finds: Pull an Angelina Jolie with high-slit skirts for fall}

{She Finds: When it comes to fall shoes, you better put a cap on it}

Of the above trends, my favorites are the contrasting collars and graphic sweaters as seen in New York's Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week. Many of these collars are actually accessories that easily tuck into sweaters and crewneck dresses--who wouldn't think thats cool! Its a simple way to make your outfit look a bit more polished, especially when the collar pops out with color.  The sweaters give a fun side to winter where your grandmother's old vintage vintage sweater can become a fashion keepsake!


  1. thanks for the visit and follow! following you back now :) love this post!


  2. I am so excited for fall styles too. Particularly bold collars - I have a few amazing ones!


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